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Every season we organise a magnificent photoshoot with the cutest little models of different ages up till 10 years. We aim to mix and match the different brands we sell in our shop PLAY to show  different styles can be combined. Here we show you the result!

We enjoy every second of it and off course learn about it.  This day also gives us a feel for the collections we choose and buy. And not only that. We learn to know the needs of our customers and how they think about the clothing. 

So a special thanks to the children and their parents who participated! Thank you Little "Lou and Lillie", "Lola and Liv", "Lio and Lola", "Colette, Stella and Jackie", "Maurice, Lux and Julius",  "Adam, Ides and Arthur", and "Lou and Louis". 

Last but not least a big thank you to our Photographer Hilde den Blauwen.


All kids are wearing either Salt Water Sandals or Veja Sneakers, combined with Tiny Cottons socks on the pictures below. 

Lilly is wearing a blue dress from Knit Planet and hairband Gray Label

Lou is wearing the checked dress from Tiny Cottons and hairband Gray Label.

Lilly wearing another beautiful light knit striped dress from Knit Planet light rose with choco stripes. All Knit Planet clothes are organic cotton knitted items, that are very light, non peeling and made to fit every child or style.

Little Lou en Lilly both wearing the long grid skirt from Tiny Cottons, a sleeveless Linnen Top from our newest brand Le Petit Germain from Paris.

Lilly wearing the one piece stripy shorts, which is the ideal easy going summer outfit for beach days. The big stripes onesie is also available in red and light blue!

Lou wearing the perfect summer one piece from Tiny Cottons and we LOVE the red stripe at the side!  

Little Lola rocks her Boyfriend Jeans from Mingo, combined with oversized knitted top from Knit Planet, headband from Gray Label and telling a story to her Maileg Ginger Doll

Cool little Liv showing her boyfriend jeans from Mingo, Swallows Tee and striped cap from Mini Rodini. 

Lola and Liv both wearing the comfy combishorts from Le petit Germain, and Surfer Sandals from Saltwater

Liv wearing this cute Denim braces skirt from Tiny Cottons, with the perfect stripes Tee from Mini Rodini

Lola wearing a Denim Jumpsuit from Tiny Cottons, combined with a striped Tee from Le petit Germain

Little Liv wearing the Striped dress from Mini Rodini. This dress is also available in Green Stripes! Lola wearing this classic light bleu dress from Tiny Cottons. 

Jackie and Stella wearing the Grid Long Onepiece of Tiny cottons.

Jackie and Stella rocking these long summer tank dresses from Mini Rodini 

The famous Mini Rodini Leopard print by Jackie and Stella! Jackie wearing the Tank Top, Stella wearing the Short Sleeve Dress.

Colette wearing the long summer dress with the famous horse print from Mini Rodini. 

Colette in the complete striped terry CarlijnQ outfit. 

Colette wearing this wide square dots shirt from together with this long button down denim skirt, both from Tiny Cottons.

Beautiful Colette in the swallows summersuit from Mini Rodini and her red Salt Water Sandals

The girls wearing the far most beautiful bathing costumes we know. Swimwear from Tiny Cottons. 

Louis wearing this evergreen from Mini Rodini, the Picco Jacket with the famous Mini Rodini Draco sweatshirt and striped chino pants from Le Petit Germain. 

Little Lou wearing the Harem allover hearts outfit from Noé and Zoë.

Louis striking a pose with this grid hoody from Tiny Cottons, One pocket shorts from Gray Label, and striped Chic Tee from Le petit Germain. 

The twins Adam and Ides posing in Gray Label and Le petit Germain. Adam wearing a linnen long sleeve tee from Le petit germain, and the wrap trousers from Gray Label. Ides wears the comfortable tank suit from Gray Label. 

Look at them! twinning the Tanksuit from Gray Label

Little Maurice wearing the combichino from Le petit Germain together with the Leopard sunhat from Mini Rodini. 

This little guy is wearing a complete outfit from Mini Rodini! Sporty Jacket , striped Baseball Tee and Striped Cap, and the  Draco sweatshorts

"The Earth is our mother and we must take care of here" these words are written on the T-shirt of little Julius. This beautiful line of words is also available in Terry sweater blue or orange. He is also wearing the Sporty Jacket from Mini Rodini, and the striped Chino pants from Le petit Germain.

Lux wearing this cool mixed combi from 3 brands. Boyfriend jeans from Mingo, with the Orson long sleeve Tee from Le Petit Germain, the Sporty Jacket and Leopard cap from Mini Rodini. 

Lux wearing Tiny Cottons Hotel Bonheur Blue Sweater combined with the striped Chino from Le petit Germain. His little brother Julius posing with the Mother Earth Tee combined with another colour of striped Chino pants

Lux wearing the red and white striped hoodie Hotel Bonheur from Tiny Cottons, together with the Jogger sweat shorts from Cos I Said So. These shorts are also available in Dark grey and Burgundy. 

This little man is rocking the Denim Tiger Jacket from Mini Rodini, together with the oversized cropped Tee from Gray Label, and the striped shorts from Noé and Zoë. These shorts are also available in other colors!

The little monkey at the left is wearing the Striped Long Onepiece Hotel Bonheur from Tiny Cottons. 

 Maurice in the comfy Harem Overall from Noé and Zoë

Lola wearing the baby bloomers combined with a Gray Label baby summer Tee. Wearing a summer hat from Liewood and enjoying her Natursutten pacifier.

Lio wearing the blue baby bloomers combined with the block striped body from Mini Rodini and summer hat from Tiny Cottons.

And then at the end of the day the lights went out....


Thank you all




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